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What is Tui Na Massage ?

  • It is one of the six elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Tui Na refers to the treatment of meridians and acupoints on the human body by means of pushing, holding, lifting, pinching, sputum, etc.

  • It is a Chinese way of massage.


Benefits of Tui Na Massage ?

  • Tui Na massage can enhance blood circulation.

  • It prevents cardiovascular diseases by reducing blood viscosity.

  • It Improves the body's immunity due to its anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and immune-enhancing effects.

  • Tui Na dredges the meridians. It keeps the blood flowing and maintains the balance of yin and yang of the body.

  • Therefore, after a Tui Na treatment, you can feel the muscles are relaxed and the joints are flexible, which makes people feel refreshed and eliminate fatigue, which plays an important role in ensuring good health.


Why NHAC Is The Best Clinic for Tui Na Massage ?

  • Experienced and licensed Tui Na therapists.

  • We are a well-established clinic since 2005, strives to provide the best alternative medicine to the region.

  • We follow strictly the medical SOP to ensure optimum medical results for our patients.

  • Most health insurance policies are accepted.

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