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What is VelaShape III?

VelaShape III is an awarded non-invasive body-shaping & skin-tightening device. Velashape III is designed to reduce centimeters around “problem” areas such as the waist, hips, thighs, stomach & arms. It targets & heats fatty tissues & evens out the skin to reveal a smoother, tighter figure.



  • Circumferential reduction

  • Cellulite treatment

  • Skin tightening

  • Body contouring

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VelaShape III combines technologies of infrared light, bipolar RF energy & vacuum in order to target and treat deep tissue for permanent results. VelaShape treatment is programmed to achieve a perfectly toned and contoured body without any discomforts or downtime.

During the Treatment, the combination of technologies uses heat energy to deep-heat fat cells, the connective tissue surrounding the fat cells and the collagen fibers. This deep heating reduces the fat cells and stimulates the growth of new and enhanced collagen and elastin. The results of the treatment include reduced skin laxity, enhanced skin structure and texture, and a lower body volume with visibly reduced cellulite.

Which area VelaShape III can be used?

VelaShape can be used on the areas such as:

  • Neck (under chin area)

  • Arms

  • Thighs

  • Abdomen

  • Flanks.


VelaShape can be used to treat various stages of The above areas can be contoured, to appear lifted, toned and more youthful. While the treatment does reduce the body volume and the presence of cellulite, it is not a weight loss treatment. presence, cellulite but may require more than one session for the best results. It is mainly aimed at body contouring and at targeting those trouble spots that exercises and diets have no effect on. 


Why choose us for VelaShape ?


Teamed with professional VelaShape III therapists & equipped with the latest VelaShape III device, NHMC delivers most professional body contouring, with visible and significant results after few sessions of treatment. Furthermore, all each VelaShape session can be combined with cellulite massage, face tightening massage, slimming treatment to optimize the result. You will definitely love it!

Where & how do you start ?

All kick-off from a one-on-one consultation with our VelaShape III consultant  in order to help us understand your needs and concerns and allows us to tailor-made the treatments which most suitable to your desired target.

Get started with your


Results that you can expect

VelaShape III treatment produces significant result after a couple of sessions, and continue to improve treatment by treatment if you continue with a series of treatments.

After each of your treatment, you can expect:

  • Gradual skin smoothing and tightening as the enhanced collagen is regenerated. 

  • Visually noticeable reduction in the presence of cellulite.

  • Circumferential reduction in the treated areas, with enhanced contouring and definition. 


The procedure, being completely non-invasive, requires no downtime or recovery time. In short, you can get back to doing the things you love immediately after your treatment.

*Legal Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. 

Give Your Body A BIG Treat Today

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