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Dubai Acupuncure 04-3483896
Dubai Moxibustion 04-3483896
Dubai Gua Sha (Scraping) 04-3483896
Dubai Cupping 04-3483896
Dubai Ear Acupuncure 04-3483896
Dubai Tui Na Massage 04-3483896
Dubai Facial Gua Sh 04-3483896
Dubai Physiothrapy 04-3483896
Dubai Pediatrics Massage 04-3483896
Dubai Pregnancy Massage 04-3483896
Dubai Foot Reflexology 04-3483896
Dubai Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage 04-3483896
Dubai Therapeutic Massage 04-3483896
Dubai TCM Slimmig 04-3483896
Dubai TCM Women Health & Beauty 04-3483896
Dubai Postpartum Recovery 04-3483896
Dubai Velashape 3 Body Shaing 04-3483896
Dubai VelaShape 3 Skin Tightening 04-3483896
Dubai Health Check 04-3483896

Top-Rated Traditional Chinese Medicine Medical Center In Dubai Since 2005

Integrative and complementary treatments can provide more than just pampering. In conjunction with contemporary medicinal practice, treatments such as acupuncture, moxibustion, gua sha, tui na, cupping, Hijamamanual lymphatic massage, medical massage, sports recovery therapy, foot reflexology etc. are proven to enhance the patient’s recovery abilities and bring healing to all areas of one’s life. This is why subscribing to one can do wonders to an individual’s well-being and quality of life.


Natural Healing Acupuncture & Hijama Medical Center - Dubai is not only an acupuncture clinic but also a manual therapy physiotherapy clinic where it is teamed by a professional team of Chinese doctors we offer integrative therapy techniques that are proven to advance the process of recovery and promote wellness. As a leading traditional Chinese medicine (T.C.M.) healthcare provider, our goal is to help our clients to get the best out of their modern medical treatments by offering safe and effective integrative therapies. Whether you are looking for an effective acupuncture and Hijama treatment or want to experience a world-class therapeutic massage therapy, we got you covered.

Wide range of therapeutic treatments for everyone

Every patient is unique and requires personalized treatment plan. To cater to the different needs of our client, we offer a wide range of complementary treatment that can address their individual health needs. 04-3483896 Natural Healing Acupuncture & Hijama Medical Center - Dubai

Contemporary Chinese Medical Treatment 04-3483896 Natural Healing Acupuncture & Hijama Medical Center - Dubai

100% Natural Healing Method

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Natural Healing Acupuncture & Hijama Medical Center - Dubai is composed of professional, multinational and Chinese healthcare providers who are experts in the field of integrative medicine and treatment. Their knowledge and real-world experience make them capable of providing excellent treatment and patient care to clients and patients. 04-3483896 Natural Healing Acupuncture & Hijama Medical Center - Dubai

Our facility offers a safe healing environment where clients can be comfortable and at ease. As a MOH-Dubai Health Authority certified clinic, we follow a strict medical SOP to guarantee the safety of our patients. Natural Healing Acupuncture Center offers affordable therapeutic treatments, and accept consultations on-site and at the location of your choosing.


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Get in touch with our specialists and learn how you can benefit from our range of treatments. Contact us through our online contact form or visit our wellness medical center at 1183a, Al Wasl Road, Umm Al Sheif, Dubai, UAE or S210, Level 2, Mirdif Avenue Mall.

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