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Top-Rated Traditional Chinese Medicine Medical Center In Dubai Since 2005

Our Services

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Dubai Moxibustion 04-3483896
Dubai Physiothrapy 04-3483896
Dubai Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage 04-3483896
Dubai Gua Sha (Scraping) 04-3483896
Dubai Pediatrics Massage 04-3483896
Dubai Therapeutic Massage 04-3483896
Dubai Postpartum Recovery 04-3483896
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Incorporating integrative and complementary treatments with modern medicine is a powerful approach that goes beyond mere relaxation. Natural healing conventional methods like traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), including Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Gua sha, Tui na, Cupping, Hijama, Manual lymphatic massage, Medical massage, Sports recovery therapy, and Foot reflexology have all demonstrated their ability to enhance a patient's recovery and promote healing in various aspects of their life. By embracing these alternative medicine treatments, individuals can significantly improve their overall well-being and quality of life.

Our Natural Healing Acupuncture & Hijama Medical Center in Dubai combines tradition with modern technology. We offer more than just acupuncture services; we also provide the best Hijama services with cutting-edge treatment techniques. Our team of professional Chinese doctors specializes in manual therapy physiotherapy. Our integrative therapy techniques are proven to promote wellness and speed up recovery. As a leading Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) healthcare provider, we aim to provide safe and effective integrative therapies that complement modern medical treatments. Whether you're interested in acupuncture, Hijama treatments, or therapeutic massage therapy, we're here to help you achieve optimal health.

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Dubai Ear Acupuncure 04-3483896
Dubai Tui Na Massage 04-3483896
Dubai Facial Gua Sh 04-3483896
Dubai Pregnancy Massage 04-3483896
Dubai Foot Reflexology 04-3483896
Dubai TCM Slimmig 04-3483896
Dubai TCM Women Health & Beauty 04-3483896 04-3483896 Natural Healing Acupuncture & Hijama Medical Center - Dubai

Contemporary Chinese Medical Treatment 04-3483896 Natural Healing Acupuncture & Hijama Medical Center - Dubai

100% Natural Healing Method

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Wide Range of Treatments for Everyone

Every patient is unique and requires a personalised treatment plan. To cater to our client's different needs, we offer a wide range of complementary therapy that can address their individual health needs.

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We use herbal medicine to rejuvenate your body, Mitochondrial medicine to care for Cellular health, and Alternative medicine to Western medicine to help you stay healthy and recover fast from fatal injuries and diseases.

The aspects of medicine include Biological Medicine, Environmental Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and Complementary medicine using Chinese Medicine treatments. We specialise in Chinese Medicine, with our experts taking classes from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

We use holistic medicine, whether internal medicine or external, to cater to all your physical, mental, and biological needs. The forms of medicine can vary depending upon the individual requirements. Our comprehensive therapies include breathing therapy and diet therapy. We treat circulatory disorders, nail disorders, and neurological disorders and help in weight management and maintaining blood pressure.

Our physiotherapists at Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre give you physical exercises and movement exercises to keep your body weight in check. Physical exercises and suitable for weight management and help keep hormones into balance, and counseling sessions create emotional balance. Our alternative therapy techniques have won us the trust over nearly two decades, and clients vouch for our natural healing therapies like dietary therapy to get the best results quickly.

We conduct Health Awareness & Counselling sessions to know your physical and emotional health and work towards health improvement. Our conventional techniques and modern technology pave the way for future health benefits for our patients. Just not Chinese medicine, we offer good services in all forms of medicine treatments, be it Ayurvedic medicine, complementary medicine, integrative medicine, internal medicine, or environmental medicine; we have gained expertise in all aspects of medicine treatments.

Natural Healing Acupuncture & Hijama Medical Center - Dubai UAE comprises professional, multinational, and Chinese healthcare providers specialising in integrative medicine and treatment. Their knowledge and real-world experience make them capable of providing excellent treatment, and patient care to clients and patients. With affiliates in Shanghai Medical Clinic and Bavarian Medical Council, our experts offer first-class medical treatments.

We have extensive experience, and our medical practitioners, besides having clinical experience, also have practical experience in the field to yield the best results. We also have staff with immense experience and international experience to recognise symptoms of disease, be it autoimmune diseases, digestive diseases, immune system diseases, or common childhood diseases, and accordingly do the treatment. Our holistic approach using a wide-ranging medical system has worked wonders on the patients. Our acupuncture therapy and herbal steaming therapies stand out.

Whether it is a chronic pain, joint pains, or leg pain, our holistic approach to healing can be medical approaches and traditional Chinese Medicine. We work to restore emotional balance and take the body into balance again. We use our experts for Health Awareness & Counselling sessions.


Our facility offers a safe healing environment where clients can be comfortable and at ease. As a MOH-Dubai Health Authority-certified clinic, we follow a strict medical SOP to guarantee the safety of our patients. Our Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre offers affordable therapeutic treatments and accepts consultations on-site and at your chosen location.


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Contact our specialists and learn how you can benefit from our range of treatments. Contact us through our online contact form or visit our wellness medical center at 1183a, Al Wasl Road, Umm Al Sheif, Dubai, UAE, or S210, Level 2, Mirdif Avenue Mall.

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