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Dubai Acupuncture 04-3483896
Dubai Acupuncture 04-3483896
Dubai Acupuncture 04-3483896

Safe, effective, and Best Chinese acupuncture treatment in Dubai

At Natural Healing Acupuncture Center - Dubai, we believe in the power of acupuncture to boost the body's natural healing ability. Although some may view this ancient method as outdated, we know it can be beneficial in improving the health and wellness of our patients. We provide exceptional customer service and are transparent about our services.

Natural Healing Acupuncture Center (NHAC) is a Dubai Health Authority (DHA) accredited TCM acupuncture Dubai therapy center that offers contemporary approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine that aims to restore the body's energy (qi) and enhance its overall well-being. The qualifications of acupuncturists in our team help them in acupuncturist diagnosis and treatment, like acupuncturist treat tonsillitis. Traditional healing methods are utilized to identify the root cause of any imbalances and offer the most appropriate treatment to address the issue and restore a person's Yin-Yang balance. The forms of medicine we use are natural and harmless with Chinese medicine methods, which act as alternative medicine.


Benefits of Chinese acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture is regarded as one of the oldest known forms of health treatment to date. Originating in Mainland China around 3000 years ago, this healing method aims to restore the body's balance and stimulate the flow of Qi by inserting fine needles into acupuncture points on the body. As part of the ancient system of traditional Chinese medicine, it has been used to treat a wide range of symptoms that affects an individual's physical health and emotional well-being. The combination of massage and professional acupuncture treatment helps the body of patients to recover quickly. Our massage therapist offers massage treatment and remedial massage services. We also have other treatment methods depending on patients' specific requirements, like cupping therapies.

Nowadays, Chinese Acupuncture Dubai is a complementary treatment method to help patients manage their condition, alleviate symptoms caused by chronic health problems, restore normal body functions, and improve body metabolism. Our medical team offers the following benefits through their knowledge:

  • Most cost-effective treatment.

  • Rapid & significant treatment results.

  • Achieve overall body wellness as it enhances the body's Yin-Yang during treatment.

  • 100% natural hence no side effects.

  • Effectively boost the immunity system.

  • Effectively dredge the body meridians, harmonize the body's Yin-Yang, and helps to dispel the body's harmful elements.

  • Treat headaches and dental pain.

  • Reduce anxiety and stress levels.

  • Help treat bowel and urinary issues.

  • Manage menopausal discomfort.

  • Pain relief by excruciating pain in the back and sciatic pain, knee pain, neck pain, and relief from mild pain

  • Improve sleep quality.

  • Aid in weight loss/diseases/health maintenance.

  • Medical-friendly treatment as the patients can have acupuncture session + other therapies simultaneously. Massages will help you rejuvenate and regain health.


Acupuncture treatment can also aid in modern treatments like physiology and infertility treatments and provide additional support for individuals battling the addictions like smoking and alcoholism.

Contact us if you are wondering which is the best acupuncture near me. We have top-notch acupuncture doctor recommendation options for you. Our medical team is among the most knowledgeable team in the UAE. We address all your health concerns and offer personalized health solutions for holistic health journeys.

Whereas electro pulse acupuncture therapy stimulates specific points with electric current using needles. The therapeutic goal is to promote the circulation of Qi and encourage healing. Laser acupuncture can be used for various conditions; it is outstanding in treating neurological diseases, chronic pain, spasms, and paralysis.

Dr. Wan Shihe
TCM Practitioner

Dubai Acupuncture 04-3483896

Dr. Wan boasts over 22 years of comprehensive experience in traditional Chinese medicine, specializing in techniques like acupuncture, dry cupping, hijama cupping, and Chinese herbalism. He is a recognized expert in the treatment of various conditions, including migraines, insomnia, acute and chronic muscle pain, disc issues, knee and heel pain, high LDL cholesterol, immune system enhancement, improved blood circulation, free radical extraction, antioxidant stimulation, and many more. Dr. Wan leads a team of TCM professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality healthcare services to our patients.

Certified TCM Acupuncture Therapy Center in Dubai

As the best TCM acupuncture therapy center in Dubai, NHAC has treated patients with a wide range of conditions for over two decades. All our treatments are 100% natural and safe, and our expert team of healthcare providers undergo rigorous training to hone their skills in complementary healing.

Best of all, they are committed to helping patients achieve positive results by providing motivation and excellent patient care through our team of professionals. Our expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the best alternative medicine treatment to improve your body condition.

Leverage excellent complementary treatment today

Looking for the best acupuncture Dubai treatment in the traditional Chinese way? Visit our facility and experience first-hand what we can offer. Our facility is located at Umm Al Sheif and Mirdif. To know more about our service, message us via our online contact form.

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