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NHAC Women Health & Beauty Therapies

  • NHAC focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of gynaecological diseases, as well as the maintenance of women's health.

  • Look no further if you are looking for the 100% natural treatment solution to the following health concerns:

    • Menopause

    • Irregular menstrual cycle

    • Painful menstruation

    • Pregnancy care

    • Post-pregnancy care

    • Postpartum depression

    • Postpartum milking enhancement

    • Infertility (Female & Male)

    • Adolescent health care

    • Wrinkles problem

    • Hair loss

    • Weight control

    • Beauty preservation (anti-ageing)

    • Other gynaecological & beauty issues


Why Choose NHAC for Women Healthcare & Beautycare ?

  • Our Chinese medicine practitioners provide professional diagnosis and prescription according to the physical and personal conditions of different patients, so as to provide the most suitable treatment for different gynaecological diseases.

  • Our physicians can also make a diagnosis based on the patient's medical history, so we recommend that our patients bring their past medical records, we can conduct a comprehensive and detailed diagnosis and propose different treatment options. Chinese medicine can also help alleviate the side effects of ageing, allowing women to easily and comfortably pass-through this ageing process.

  • We are a well-established clinic since 2005, strives to provide the best alternative medicine to the region.

  • We follow strictly the medical SOP to ensure optimum medical results for our patients.

  • Most health insurance policies are accepted.

  • We have now introduced the world's best technology - VelaShape III, a non-invasive slimming, cellulite removing and skin tightening device to combine with TCM treatments to achieve even more rapid and guaranteed results! Click here to learn more.

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