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Gua Sha by NHAC Dubai
Facial Gua Sha byNHAC Dubai
Sholder & Neck Gua Sha by NHAC Dubai

What is Gua Sha ?

  • A scraping therapy guided by the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine's  (TCM) meridians and acupressure points.

  • It involves the repeated actions of scraping and rubbing on the body surface by a specially-made scraper to enhance blood circulation.

  • It can be combined with acupuncture, cupping, and bloodletting (Hijama) therapies to strengthen the medical effects.


Benefits of Gua Sha ?

  • Enhance blood circulation.

  • Remove bad elements from the body (detoxification).

  • Wide range of clinical applications and suitable for medical and family healthcare.

  • Extremely cost-effective.

  • Effective in treating chronic fatigue syndrome and other diseases.

  • Often combined with acupuncture and bloodletting (Hijama) therapies to achieve best results.

  • Often combined with cupping for the treatment of acne, chloasma and other tissue-damage diseases

  • Extremely effective in pain management, bone and joint degenerative diseases such as cervical spondylosis, recovery of frozen shoulder, cold, fever, cough and other respiratory diseases.


Why NHAC Is The Best Clinic for Gua Sha ?

  • We use only certified and quality scraper for all our Gua Sha treatments.

  • We are a well-established clinic since 2005, strives to provide the best alternative medicine to the region.

  • We follow strictly the medical SOP to ensure optimum medical results to our patients.

  • Most health insurance policies are accepted.

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