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What is Tui Na Massage?

Chinese Tui Na massage is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It involves the treatment of meridians and acupoints on the human body through techniques such as pushing, holding, lifting, pinching, and sputum.

It is a Chinese way of massage which acts as an alternative medicine to heal and rejuvenate the body. Like acupuncture, the practitioner stimulates pressure points in the recipient's body. It uses different forms of body manipulation, like the full-body manipulation technique. The manipulation therapy depends on the manipulation methods employed.

During a Tui Na session, practitioners use their hands to sense the client's energy and manipulate its flow and distribution.

Tuina massage is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, emphasising the importance of physical and emotional well-being. It considers various factors such as climate, relationships, and diet.

Tui na differs from Swedish massage and deep tissue massage as it offers a unique bodywork experience for patients seeking relief rather than just relaxation. It can reduce the effect of disorders, heal injury and boost disease cure through manipulation techniques. It brings the body into balance and maintains emotional balance.

Chinese Remedial Massage (Tui Na) can work in combination with acupuncture and other treatments. Practitioners use fingers to put pressure on acupuncture points and

treat client without acupuncture needles. This massage treatment, like acupuncture, can boost people's health and increase energy.

You can choose the type of massage, which can be a relaxing massage. The types of massage include abdominal tuina massage. Types of massage use similar approaches to remedial massage modalities such as sports massage and stronger deep-tissue massage.


Benefits of Tuina Massage

Tuina massage techniques are similar to Western massage in many ways. It typically lasts thirty minutes to an hour and is done on a massage table. It can also be related to Thai massage. This Traditional Chinese Medicine technique addresses specific patterns of disharmony in the body. The benefits of this treatment include:

  • Tui Na massage treatment can improve blood circulation.

  • Reducing blood viscosity can prevent cardiovascular diseases.

  • It strengthens the immune system because of its ability to reduce inflammation, lower fever, and boost immunity.

  • Tuina massage dredges the meridians. It keeps the blood flowing and maintains the body's yin and yang balance.

  • Tuina treatments offer a variety of treatments like treatment of muscles and following a personalised treatment plan for best results. It can help treat neck pain, back pain, musculoskeletal disorders, circulatory system disorders, digestive system disorders, reproductive system disorders, respiratory system disorders, and stress-related disorders.

  • It helps to relieve pain through joint injuries, external injuries, sports injury, or tendon injuries. It can also help people with internal diseases, diabetic foot disease, inflammatory spine disease, musculoskeletal diseases, and other similar disease. It can minimise the after-effects of cancer treatments and provide standard treatment and energetic treatment.

  • The goal of the Tuina massage treatment is to make your muscles feel relaxed. The effectiveness of Tuina massage makes joints flexible, which makes people feel refreshed and eliminate fatigue. This form of massage uses natural treatments and is a safe treatment to boost good health.

  • A recent study has shown that tuina therapy positively impacts the treatment outcomes and the sleep quality of individuals with primary insomnia. This alternative treatment increases recovery if the treatment plan is followed well like conventional treatments. Larger studies have proved other array of benefits as well, which include potential benefits and therapeutic benefits.​

Why NHAC Is The Best Clinic for Tui Na Massage?

We have experienced and licensed Tui Na massage therapists. They are qualified from top Massage therapy schools following the basic philosophy of Tuina massage.

Our clinic has operated since 2005 and is dedicated to offering superior alternative medicine options to the area.

Our patients can count on us to adhere to medical SOPs for the best possible medical outcomes.

We accept most health insurance policies.

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