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Safe, effective and Best Chinese acupuncture treatment in Dubai

Acupuncture in Dubai might be considered an old and outdated method but it can provide the necessary aid to enhance an individual’s healing ability. And here at Natural Healing Acupuncture Center – Dubai, we know how to utilize the power of this ancient healing method to help patients live a healthy and more fulfilling life.

Natural Healing Acupuncture Center is a Dubai Health Authority (DHA) accredited TCM acupuncture therapy center that offers a modern take on traditional Chinese medicine to help rebalance the body’s energy (qi) and boost its natural wellness. Our team of well-trained acupuncturists uses traditional healing methods to determine the underlying cause of the imbalance and provide the best acupuncture treatment necessary to not only treat their condition but also balance their body’s Yin-Yang.


Benefits of Chinese acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture is known as one of the oldest known forms of treatment to date. Originated in the ancient Far East (Mainland China), this method of healing focused on restoring the body’s balance (Yin-Yang) and stimulating the flow of Qi in the body by inserting fine needles in specific body points. As part of the ancient system of traditional Chinese medicine, it had been used to treat a wide range of symptoms affecting an individual’s physical health and emotional well-being.

Nowadays, Chinese acupuncture treatment in Dubai is used as a complementary treatment method to help patients manage their condition and alleviate symptoms caused by chronic health problems and restore normal body functions.

  • Most cost-effective treatment.

  • Rapid & significant treatment results.

  • Achieve overall body wellness as acupuncture enhances the overall body's Yin-Yang during its treatment process.

  • 100% natural hence no side effect.

  • Effectively boost up the immunity system.

  • Effectively dredge the body meridians, harmonize body's Yin-Yang, and helps to dispel the body's bad elements.

  • Treat headaches and dental pain.

  • Reduce anxiety and stress levels.

  • Help treat bowel and urinary issues.

  • Manage menopausal discomfort.

  • Alleviate back and sciatic pain.

  • Improve sleep quality.

  • Aid in weight loss / diseases / health maintenance.

  • Medical-friendly treatment as the patients can have acupuncture treatment + other treatments at the same time.

Acupuncture can also be used to aid in modern treatments like physiology, infertility treatments, and provide additional support for individuals battling the addictions like smoking and alcoholism.


Whereas electro-acupuncture is the stimulation of acupuncture points with electric current, using needles. The therapeutic goal is to promote the circulation of Qi and stimulate healing. Electro-acupuncture can be used for a wide variety of conditions, it is especially good in the treatment of neurological diseases, chronic pain, spasms, and paralysis.

Certified TCM Acupuncture Therapy Center in Dubai

As a leading TCM acupuncture therapy center in Dubai, Natural Healing Acupuncture Center has been treating patients for a wide range of conditions for over 40 years. All the treatments we offer are 100% natural and safe and our team of healthcare providers undergoes continuous training to hone their skills in complementary healing.

Best of all, they are committed to helping patients achieve positive results by providing motivation and excellent patient care. 

Leverage on excellent complementary treatment today

Looking for the best Chinese acupuncture treatment? Visit our facility and experience first-hand what we can offer. Our facility is located at 1183a, Al Wasl Road, Umm Al Sheif, Dubai, UAE. To know more about our service, message us via our online contact form. 

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