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Natural Healing Medical Center - Dubai

The Leading
Gua-Sha (Scraping Therapy) Medical Center

In Dubai Since 2005

  • TCAM doctor with 40+ years of practicing experience.

  • 100% natural & safe treatment.

  • DHA-license medical center & doctors.

  • Treated more than 38,000 patients over the past 15 years.

  • Strategic location (on Al Wasl St., facing Burj Al Arab).

  • We provide home-visit service too!

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Benefits of Gua-Sha (Scraping) Therapy

  • Enhance blood circulation.

  • Remove bad elements from the body (detoxification).

  • Wide range of clinical applications and suitable for medical and family healthcare.

  • Extremely cost-effective.

  • Effective in treating chronic fatigue syndrome and other diseases.

  • Often combined with acupuncture and bloodletting (Hijama) therapies to achieve best results.

  • Often combined with cupping for the treatment of acne, chloasma and other tissue-damage diseases

  • Extremely effective in pain management, bone and joint degenerative diseases such as cervical spondylosis, recovery of frozen shoulder, cold, fever, cough and other respiratory diseases.


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