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The Leading
Physiotherapy Medical Center

In Dubai Since 2005

  • Led by 40+ years experienced Medical Director.

  • 100% natural & safe treatment.

  • DHA-license medical center & physiotherapists.

  • Treated more than 38,000 patients over the past 15 years in UAE.

  • Strategic location (on Al Wasl St., facing Burj Al Arab).

  • We provide home-visit service too!

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What is Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy?

  • Physiotherapy is the core treatment of rehabilitation therapy and It is a very important part of modern and traditional medicine.

  • It is a therapy to recover the body's original physiological functions.

  • Physiotherapy can be divided into two categories, one is functional training and manual therapy (exercise therapy); the other category is a physical therapy which is based on various external elements (sound, light, cold, heat, electricity, magnetic, water, etc.).


Benefits of Physiotherapy ?

  • Anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Analgesic effect.

  • Antibacterial effect.

  • Calm and insomnia.

  • Excited neuromuscular.

  • Relieve sputum

  • Soften the scar and dissipate the adhesion.

  • Accelerate wound healing.

  • Accelerate the formation of callus.

  • Enhance the role of immune system.


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