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Manual Lymphatic Drainage, What Will You Get?

Busy lifestyle often causes the lymphatic obstruction in our body. If the lymph fluid and blood around the armpits are clogged, it will not only stiff the muscles, the stiffness will also extend to other areas such as the neck, arms, hind arms, and internal organs. As a result, blood circulation will be worse, causing more severe shoulder and neck pain, headache and even myocardial infarction and skin for a long period. Lymphatic swelling can lead to edema, muscle aches, constipation, dull complexion, etc.

By improving the lymphatic flow in the body, you may expect the health benefits below:

  • The body can discharge old waste materials, purify the body to achieve detoxification effect.

  • Improving the stiffness and soreness of the joint parts of the body.

  • Reducing symptoms such as edema and debilitating cold.

  • Promoting metabolism to achieve the slimming effect.

  • Balancing the hormones and autonomic nerves.