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Hijama Treatment? What & How?

Hijama (Bloodletting) therapy is a method of treating a disease by puncture a specific acupuncture point on a certain part of a body with a needle and let the blood flow by suction cup.

Through the long-term development of history, it has been widely accepted and applied by people. The history of this therapy dates back to the ancient Stone Age. At that time, people found in the labor practice the use of sharp stones - meteorites, blood stasis in the affected area, can treat certain diseases. With the development of science, the tools of stinging have produced metal needles. Later, according to the needs of medical practice, there has been a "front needle" specially used for bloodletting treatment. The earliest written records of this therapy are found in the "Emperor's Internal Medicine". It is clearly stated that puncture and bloodletting can treat symptoms such as madness, headache, irritability, heat and blood stasis. It is noteworthy to point out that the Chinese famous doctor Hua Tuo used acupuncture and bloodletting to treat Cao Cao's migraine ~1800 years back. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, this therapy has become one of the traditional Chinese medicine treatments. In the Song Dynasty, the Hijama treatment was incorporated into the acupuncture and moxibustion.

The benefits of Hijama bloodletting therapy are:

(1) Enhances antipyretic (heat-release) effect: Chinese medicine believes that there are two main types of fever, one is yang fever, and the other is yin fever. The antipyretic effect of bloodletting applies to the former. Because yang qi (yang energy) will inevitably be bloody, bloodletting can reduce blood stasis, thereby reducing the evil heat in the blood.

(2) Enhances analgesic (pain-relief) effect: Chinese medicine believes that if there is pain, there is disease; If there is a disease, there is a blockage on the meridians. Hijama bloodletting treatment can directly bring out the disease and stagnation in the meridians, adjust the situation of occlusion and obstruction, and the meridians are smooth, thus the pain can be stopped immediately. Many clinical acute diseases, such as sore throat and migraine, can quickly achieve good results by applying Hijama bloodletting therapy.

(3) Improves detoxification system: The detoxification effect of traditional Chinese medicine refers to the syndrome that the body can not resist poisonous elements due to its own dysfunction under pathological conditions. Hijama Bloodletting can discharge the poisonous evils invading the body with the blood, also more importantly, restores the normal function of the human body through the function of "regulating blood and regulating qi" thus to enhance detoxification system of the body.

(4) Cures swelling: Swelling is caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis, which causes the meridian to stagnate. Hijama bloodletting can directly eliminate the qi and blood and disease evils in the local meridians, and promote the smooth flow of the meridians, thus achieving the purpose of swelling.

(5) Eliminates itching: Itching is the manifestation of bad elements in the blood. Hijama bloodletting is to regulate blood and regulate qi, so that the blood flow is smooth and the bad elements are not retained.

(6) Relieves numbness: Qi deficiency shows the symptoms of numbness. Using acupuncture points to puncture the acupuncture points of the affected limbs to release a small amount of blood in order to treat numbness is guided by the theory of blood and qi in traditional Chinese medicine, and the effect is very good.

(7) Enhances antiemetic (vomit-relief) effect: Acute vomiting is mostly caused by stomach blazing or liver's qi stagnation of stomach or food digestive problem, Hijama bloodletting can release heat and has the effect of diverting the gastrointestinal stagnation, so it can relieve the vomit tendency.

(8) As first-aid treatment: Hijama bloodletting can improve the condition of blood circulation so it normally used as an effective rescue method.

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