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The Result of Acupuncture Treatment of Infertility is beyond your imagination

Updated: Feb 20

Infertility is a very serious trouble for people who wants baby. It has caused great trouble to the family life of the patients. Why not try Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment? Some patients have doubts, acupuncture treatment, is it reliable? What about the effect?

Acupuncture is the craft of Chinese ancestors. In some respects, it promotes the development of Chinese medical science. So far, it can be seen that Chinese medicine has its merits. Clinical studies in Chinese medicine have shown that acupuncture has a great effect in the treatment of infertility, especially for infertility which caused by ovulation and fallopian tube problems. The recent research also provide evidence that acupuncture may be helpful for couples who are undergoing IVF.

The treatment of infertility by acupuncture is different from the treatment of Western medicine. Instead, it is treated with needles. Acupuncture is based on the theory of "qi", which can penetrate the body along specific channels of the body. The acupuncturist hopes to balance the “qi” in the human body by using hair-size needles along the channel to stimulate certain acupoints to maintain health.

What is the effect of acupuncture on infertility? The theory of Chinese medicine is applicable on both men's and women's health system. Acupuncture not only has a great relationship with women's infertility, but acupuncture may also help male infertility. Regular acupuncture treatments have been shown to increase the number of sperm in men with fertility problems and increase their sperm motility (ie, sperm migration).

Acupuncture treatment for infertility is completely worthwhile to try. And it is fully natural.

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